Logistics for selling through marketplaces

How can we help you with your sales on marketplaces

Global service

Are you selling in several marketplaces but need someone to do the logistics for you?

Do you want to sell on Amazon FBA or FBM?

At Adock we can integrate with your marketplaces and unify the logistics of your product from a single site.


A single, simplified price regardless of where you sell.

 Without investing in new developments or incurring fixed costs.

We can offer you a customized solution adapted to your project.

Tech for operations

We integrate with the different marketplaces or with your ERP if you prefer through our API.

Do not develop, we have already done it. Go online and start testing things.

The information flow is in real time. So that you can integrate the data in your dashboard and that decision making is agile and informed.

Product warehousing

Send us the product you want to sell. We will store it and upload the stock immediately.

Unlimited quantity, from 1 box.

We insure your stock so that there are no unforeseen events.

Product available to sell on any platform.


Order preparation

We are specialists in unit picking for ecommerce orders.

Start selling and we will get going, preparing your orders as you want us to do so that your new client has an exceptional experience.

Choose the packaging, customized or generic.

Add flyers, labels, gifts, whatever you can think of.

Ship with whoever you want

We can work with the courier company you want, both with your current transport providers or with others specialized in home delivery.

You also have the possibility to deliver with our partners. We offer you a competitive home delivery rate anywhere in the world.



Returns are often a headache. We want the process to be as simple as possible for you.

 Agile return management to solve your customer’s problem and put the product on sale again as soon as possible.



We grow at the pace of your project.

 We adapt to your sales rhythm. So that logistics does not become your new bottleneck.