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What can we do for your ecommerce

Global Service

Setting up a business is an adventure. And if it is an ecommerce, it becomes a challenge! 

We take care of your stock, your orders, your shipments, returns, everything you may need.

Forget about logistics and focus on everything else.


We offer you a simple rate so that you know what it will cost to deliver your orders from the very beginning.

Pay for what you have and what you sell. Without fixed costs, 100% adapted to the rhythm of your business.

Simple integration at no cost for you

Connect your store with Adock with ease thanks to our connectors with the main platforms.

Shopify, Woocommerce or any other.

We want to get off to a good start.

Goods in and warehousing

We control the products that your suppliers send.

They will be stored in our facilities. It doesn’t matter if they are large or small, if it arrives on pallets or boxes.

The stock is synchronized with your store so that you control your inventory at all times.


Order preparation

Thanks to our technology, orders enter the Adock system as soon as your customer purchases on the web. You do not have to do anything. We get to work for you.

At Adock we prepare the order as you would, so that your client receives the best possible experience.

Choose the packaging. Add flyers, labels, gifts, whatever you can think of.

Ship with whoever you want

We can give you a complete proposal with transportation included. No matter where your order goes, we offer you a competitive rate so you don’t waste time negotiating with parcel companies.

If you need it, we follow the packages until they are delivered or we handle the problems as soon as they appear. So your customer doesn’t have a bad delivery experience



Your customers have the right to return the product or request an exchange. Send it to us, we will manage it quickly.

We recondition the product, return it to stock or inform you of any incident it has suffered

Real time information

You will receive the status of the stock and the preparation of orders in real time.

 You will be able to access the Adock dashboard to obtain complete and updated information about everything that happens with your product and your orders.